Benefit Design Strategies for Employers

Benefit Design Strategies for Employers

June 20-22, 2023 | Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC

Paul Seegert

Managing Partner

PCS Advisers and PCS Sales Development Group


After serving as a Russian intelligence analyst, Paul worked for a national insurance company. Five years later, Paul left to fix the healthcare payment model and has consulted for thousands of employers. He is a nationally recognized expert who speaks to employers and advisers. Paul regularly appears in the media to discuss healthcare related topics and his appearances have included Wharton Business Daily, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Newsmax, Cheddar TV, The Wall Street Journal, and its nationally syndicated radio show and others.  Since COVID, he also started a marketing company to serve healthcare consulting firms around the country and is currently running campaigns in more than 50 metro areas in the USA. Paul is a father of five and a student pilot—so he can work and still be home for dinner.

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