What is the top challenge or obstacle facing healthcare today?

The amount of changes that must be responded to quickly and efficiently.  Changes have come in the form of late breaking changes of document requirements, changing regulations, like CAA visibility requirements, and the shift from in person to virtual environments which exacerbate communication, and process inefficiencies among departments and entities.

What motivates you to keep doing the work that you do?

We live to solve complex business processes using cutting edge technologies that are easy to use and understand.  There is nothing better than coming into a situation with manual processes, Excel or Access based solutions that have been cobbled together and replace it with a leading integrated solution that suddenly brings organization and clarity.  This often allows those departments to become more efficient so they can quickly see how to optimize their operations, plan offerings, etc. all of which bring everyone great joy.

What is your biggest goal, personal or professional, for the end of 2021?

To make our industry better for everyone by introducing solutions that create and enable new standards around key performance indicators and data standards while taming and tracking work through workflow and better communication.