Benefit Design Strategies for Employers

Benefit Design Strategies for Employers

June 20-22, 2023 | Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC

thINc Talk: Healthcare Fandom

thINc Talk: Healthcare Fandom Why healthcare needs a new model for engagement and how the Cleveland Clinic has embraced fan building in healthcare. The healthcare industry has seen significant changes since the introduction of consumer directed health plans. As a result, an entire cottage industry in health tech has been created to drive consumer involvement for the players in healthcare. Despite this, engagement in health remains elusive. “Healthcare Fandom” opens a dialog on the need for fan building in healthcare. Fans are a critical engagement component in most industries; how does healthcare continue to be the exception? Especially as it increasingly strives to be more consumer-friendly? Join Christina Speck and Stephanie Bayer as they discuss why engagement in healthcare need not be elusive anymore with concepts from the book and practical examples from the Cleveland Clinic.

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The Impact of Prior Trauma on Mental Health Within and Outside the Workplace: Barriers and Opportunities for Healthcare Stakeholders

This is a shared session with the Benefits Design Strategies Track.

  • Understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences, the pandemic, stigma, and other health risks on treating mental health issues
  • Identify and treat trauma-related stressors through creative expression and mindfulness
  • Gain insights into how employers and healthcare professionals can establish a framework to help individuals cope and heal
  • Discuss the value and importance of taking a proactive approach to address mental health including improved health and well-being, increased productivity, and reduction in overall healthcare costs

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