Benefit Design Strategies for Employers

Benefit Design Strategies for Employers

June 20-22, 2023 | Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC

The Impact of Prior Trauma on Mental Health Within and Outside the Workplace: Barriers and Opportunities for Healthcare Stakeholders

This is a shared session with the Benefits Design Strategies Track.

  • Understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences, the pandemic, stigma, and other health risks on treating mental health issues
  • Identify and treat trauma-related stressors through creative expression and mindfulness
  • Gain insights into how employers and healthcare professionals can establish a framework to help individuals cope and heal
  • Discuss the value and importance of taking a proactive approach to address mental health including improved health and well-being, increased productivity, and reduction in overall healthcare costs

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Benefits that Matter Today: Thinking Beyond Traditional Healthcare Programs

  • Hear perspectives on why employers must modify their approach to benefit program design to meet the needs of today’s workforce and retain talent
  • Discuss the importance of implementing holistic health and well-being programs to drive healthy behavior change, improve productivity, and reduce healthcare costs
  • Explore novel models to coordinate care, promote healthy lifestyles, and ensure timely access to resources and support for employees and their families

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