What is the top challenge or obstacle facing health care today?
  1. Rising cost of healthcare
What do you feel are the key drivers of health care transformation?
  1. DEIB
  2. Talent recruitment and retention necessitating expanded benefits
  3. High cost
  4. Lack of cost-effectiveness
  5. Technology-enabled management of health
What are some of the key trends you are seeing with respect to employer-sponsored health care?
  1. Innovative payment models
  2. Focus on value
  3. Prevention rather than treatment
What motivates you to keep doing the work that you do?
  1. Commitment to improved access to quality reproductive care
  2. Commitment to reproductive rights and gender equity
  3. The belief that forming families is a critical component of quality of life for most (but not all) people
What’s the one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring health care leader?
  1. Always remember that the patient your customer and payor